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Paul Speredes - Guitar

Vehicle - Turbo Carerra Porsche (my ideal car, don't actually own one!)
Favorite Drink - Heineken
Worst Drink - Cheap Wine
Favorite Food - Chinese food, Chicago style pizza, anything I see (seefood diet)
Worst Food - Liver, Vegetarian Pizza, and Carp
Favorite Quote - "Live free or die."
Favorite Movie - Warriors
Worst Movie - Caddyshack
Favorite Book - "I don't read books, I spend my time doing things that other people write books about."
Favorite Albums - Rainbow - Rainbow On Stage / Black Sabbath - Mob Rules / Ronnie James Dio - Holy Diver / UFO - Strangers In The Night / Deep Purple - Made in Japan and Made In Europe
Favorite Place(s) In The World - Ibiza, Spain / Cozumel, Mexico / The Greek Islands / Germany / Belgium / Holland / Switzerland
Place(s) He Would Like To Tour - Europe, Japan, Canada, and South America