Spirit Web: Members

Brent Sullivan - Bass

Vehicle - Harley
Favorite Drink - Miller Beer
Worst Drink - Prune Juice
Favorite Food - Italian and Mexican
Worst Food - Indian Food
Favorite Quote - "Treat people how you wish to be treated."
Favorite Movie - Saving Private Ryan / Strangland (Dee Snider's flick)
Worst Movie - Blair Witch Project (unless you're really stoned)
Favorite Book - Don't like to read books
Favorite Albums - Metal Church - Human Factor / Bruce Dickinson - The Chemical Wedding / Digging The New Godsmack / Winterkill - EVERYTHING!
Favorite Place(s) In The World - Amsterdam (never been there but I heard it rules!)
Place(s) He Would Like To Tour - Every fucking place in the world!!! Time to dominate!!!